Hey! I'm Emily and I'm a native Texan currently residing in Washington state. Some of my favorite things are craft beer, good food, traveling, my kids, the outdoors, music, and movies. Oh-and taking pictures of people in love. It's seriously the best job in the world.

I like to think that I'm a very "chill" professional. While I do enjoy directing certain photos, for the most part I enjoy being a fly on the wall and capturing your wedding (or engagement, newborn shoot, elopement, etc) as it's happening in living color.

I love making playlists and bringing music along on shoots, but half the time I forget to even bring out the speaker because my clients and I are too caught up in conversation. I'm a sarcastic chatterbox that gets along with damn near anyone!

I've got a passion for all things portraits and would love to talk to you about scheduling your next shoot!

I specialize in engagements, elopements and weddings. My style is mostly editorial; I love telling a story through my photos!

I am always available for travel! Really-I love it! I’ll work with you to help create a custom package that includes my travel fees.

I'm the photographer you hire because you want the closest thing to a friend shooting your wedding. I'm the photographer you hire because you value real life moments and the simplistic beauty that is a candid shot. I'm the photographer who'll make inappropriate jokes and obscure movie and TV show references. I'm the photographer you'll want to get a beer with.

If I sound like YOUR photographer, head on over here and let's get this party started.


Oh yea. That's me. And I'm just as awkward in real life.