Anastasia is a photographer here in my new town, Pullman. We exchanged family shoots with each other and they’re just so dreamy.

courtney + eric + 1 on the way

This was my very last shoot in Ann Arbor. I literally popped out for an hour while we were packing the rest of the house for the movers to pick up less than 12 hours later. IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

an evening with the capadonas

This is another family who has always continued to call me for their shoots. I'll miss watching this little family as the grow!

kristen + craig at the DIA

We picked up Kristen and Craig from the DAC and popped over to the DIA for a quick little shoot before returning back to the rooftop for some send off drinks. These two are dear friends and amazing models for me!

last shoot with the williams

This precious family has continued to patronize my little business and I'm so blessed to have been able to document their lives!

britt + jeremy

These two beautiful human beings just wrapped up a whirlwind week with family in Michigan and were gracious enough to meet me on their last night to do a photoshoot before flying back to California. They're seriously SO nice and SO funny. Oh, and did I mention photogenic?!

kathy + kit preview

Kathy and Kit got hitched at The Scarab Club yesterday amongst friends and family in the garden. It. Was. Beautiful. I also got to see signatures of artists like Winston Churchill, Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera, and Norman Rockwell among many others.

amanda + kevin

When I was in Holland driving back to my hotel after a shoot, I saw this metal scrapyard with HUGE mountains of shiny metal and got all kinds of starry eyed thinking about the morning sun hitting it from the east. I texted the couple from my shoot and asked if she knew anyone who would be willing to wake up and meet me at dawn. Next thing I knew, Amanda and Kevin were picking me up at 7am and we got in a little mini session!